Patriot Guard Riders New York

Who We Are

PGRNY is a diverse group of patriots who come together to show respect and support to US service members, veterans, and their families by standing flag lines and providing escorts at memorial services, only at the request of the family.  We also stand flag line for other events honoring veterans and military personnel by request.  We do not have meetings, dues, or most of the other membership requirements of other organizations.  Many of our members share a love of motorcycles and many are veterans, but neither is a requirement.  The only thing our members do have in common is a deep feeling of appreciation of the sacrifices that our military and first responders have made and continue to make.  

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and 100% volunteer organization.  Any donations received go directly to members of the Armed Services, veterans, families of deployed service members, and Gold Star families in need through our Help on the Homefront (HOTH) program; or to the families of veterans in the form of a plaque at memorial services.  

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Standing For Those Who Stood For Us.

When invited by the immediate family, we stand flag line at the funeral home, services and at the burial location for our military veterans who have passed, KIA, and First Responders who have died in the line of duty.

Event Missions

These missions are for all non-funeral requests; such as Welcome Home, Honor Flight, Street Naming ceremonies, Post Office naming; that involves our military.  Anything other than Funeral Mission Requests.

What are Missions

Missions are one of the ways Patriot Guard Riders New York, Inc. (PGRNY) show support for US service members, veterans, and their families.  
Missions vary greatly and can include standing flag lines or providing escorts to veterans for such diverse events as calling hours, gravesite services, the return home of veterans on Honor Flights and active military personnel from overseas assignments, as well as for ceremonies honoring veterans, etc. It is our honor to attend these missions and there are no fees or expenses incurred by the requesting family or organization.

Mission Requests

There are two types of missions:  Funeral and Event.

Funeral Mission Requests must be made by a family member.   Funeral requests may be to stand a flag line at the funeral home and/or church service; provide an escort to the cemetery, and/or stand a flag line at the cemetery.  It is up to the family to determine how much representation they wish from PGRNY.   

Event Mission Requests are for any ceremony or event other than a funeral and can be made by an organization or individual.  These requests may be to stand a flag line at the airport for returning veterans or active military personnel; stand a flag line for various ceremonies honouring veterans, provide escorts of veterans to various events, participate in parades as an escort to veterans, etc. It is up to the requesting organization or person to determine what type of representation is wanted from PGRNY.

To request a Mission, click on the appropriate Mission Request.


Patriot Guard Riders of New York has special programs; Help On The Homefront and the Veteran Recovery Program. 

Learn more about each by clicking their logo!

Help On The Homefront

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Veteran Recovery Program


PGRNY Membership

One of the ways PGR members Honor the veterans who have served and continue to serve our country is to participate in Missions.   The time they give to stand for those who have stood for us is greatly appreciated. 

Simply fill out the form and submit.  Based on the county you live in, you will be signed up for a region within New York State.  You will receive Mission emails for your region.  It is up to you whether or not you attend a mission.  More information on membership is available here.

Our News


Rep. Zeldin Honors Patriot Guard Riders on House Floor.  On April 12, 2018, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) honored the Patriot Guard Riders from Long Island and across the United States on the floor of the House of Representatives.

News & Announcements

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  • Region 4 Announces RC - Jackie Haina

    “We would like to welcome Jackie Haina to the ranks of the PGRNY Ride Captains.  A PGR member since October of 2009, Jackie calls Schroon Lake his home.  Appointed as Ride Captain in early January of this year, Jackie will help cover the PGR missions that take place in the vast expanse of the North...

  • Spencerport Kiwanis Club

    Suburban News North dated February 3, 2019 featured an article about the Spencerport Kiwanis Club's guest speakers Beth Read and Donna Barnes.  Their presentation was on the Patriot Guard Riders of New York and its mission and programs.  They covered the primary mission of PGRNY and programs of Help On...

  • Closing of ROC HOTH Warehouse Program

    December 2, 2018 Note from William (Bill) Schaaf, State Captain.  The decision to shut down the HOTH PGR Warehouse operation was not a decision PGR leadership took lightly. We knew of the importance of this program, not only to the many hundreds of veterans this program helped, but of its...

  • RC - Bill Brainard

    November 29, 2018 I'm very pleased to inform you that State Captain Bill Schaaf and Assistant State Captain Nigel Heaton have supported and approved my request to appoint Bill Brainard as a Ride Captain in Region-1. Many of you know that Bill is a former Ride Captain and Senior Ride Captain in...

  • RC - Ken Titland

    July 13, 2018 I would like to announce Ken Titland as a new Ride Captain in Region 6. Ken has been a PGR member since 2013. He is an Army veteran serving from 1981 to 1983. Ken has worked for Orange and Rockland Utilities as a lineman since 1987 and runs the apprentice training school. He has run...

  • RC - Bob Marien

    May 3, 2018 I'm pleased and honored to announce that PGRNY State Captain Bill Schaaf and Assistant State Captain Nigel Heaton have approved my nomination of Bob "Trip" Marien as a Region-1 Ride Captain, effective yesterday. "Trip" has been a very active PGR Member for 3 years, and has been a...

Thank You Notes

For a complete listing of all Thank You Notes, visit the Thank You Notes page.

  • Region 8/9 Honor Mission - Arlene C. Howard, US Navy - WWII - Multi-City, NY - 04/08/2019

    Thank you for the tremendous effort your group displayed today for the family of Arlene Howard. Your group was an essential part of the team that made this funeral all that it could be. We do appreciate the generous gift of your time and presence. Please let your group know how much it was...

  • Region 8/9 Honor Mission - Vincent F. Costello, Sr. US Navy - WWII Multi-City, NY - 04/06/2019

    Thank you on behalf of Vincent F. Costello, Sr. and family. I can’t tell you how much your presence meant to my family, and I’m sure my father as he smiled down from heaven. He was a humble man who would never have sought such attention, but the caring, love and respect shown by all the PGR in...

  • R1/2, Family of Charles T. Sullivan

    The family of Charles T. Sullivan thank you sincerely...  

  • Region 8 - Mission for Anthony J. Galeotafiore

    Sir, My name is CSM (R) Joe Edmondson. Today you conducted a Honor Mission at Pine Lawn for my sisters father in-law Anthony Galeotafiore. I wanted to personality thank you and your team for the service the PGR provided. It might seem simple, however to my brother in-law, his family and most...

  • Region 1/2 - John "Jack" McMahon

    Good morning, I want to express my gratitude to the members of the Patriot Guard who supported the burial ceremony of my father John McMahon, who was an Army veteran from WWII.  The date was 12/31/2018 and they greeted me on my arrival at Lakeside Charlie Curtin Funeral parlor in West Seneca.  I am...

  • Region 8/9 - Edward Weber

    My name is Arlene Weber the wife of Edward Weber, a proud Vietnam veteran. He service as a medic. My family, friends and my husband appreciate and admire your commitment to Vietnam Vets. Your service at my husband’s funeral and burial comforted me greatly. We received safe passage both at church and...