R8/9 Honor Mision - Kenneth L. Jayne US Navy WWII KIA

Thank you all so very much for a stellar turnout and the ever constant care to achieve our goal: Bringing home F3c Kenneth L Jayne, USS Oklahoma. K.I.A. December 07, 1941.  To have the constant and updated information and support from the members made my work so much easier so that I could serve his family.  From pre-flight readiness all the way through the final salute at my cemetery, we were certainly in great hands.  The Riders were always asking how they could help in every phase of the planning and carrying out of the mission.  To have a team like this in front of me and guiding me gave me complete peace of mind.  The Jayne / Schultz families were so happy! You guys were there for us, and we will always be there for you.

Thank you and may God Bless you all!
Daniel G Prunty
Funeral Director at Ruland Funeral Home and President of Cedar Grove Cemetery



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