USMC Capt. Wayne A. Bosco

May 29, 2009

To all the AMAZING Patriot Guard Riders whom so strongly honored my father,

Words couldn't possibly express our heartfelt gratitude to all the Patriot Guard Riders that attended my fathers funeral on May 26th 2009. Not only did you all stand tall, strong and unwaveringly, flags held high in honor of my father, but you did so with warmth, compassion and

untiring devotion. And all for a man not personally known to you. I sit here writing this with tears of such deep gratitude on my cheeks, and thank you not only for paying such great respect to my father, but also for helping to restore my faith during such a horrible time when I can't help but doubt it. My family will always remember every one of you who stood for our beloved father (son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend), and will forever be grateful for your generosity, patriotism, compassion and service. Scott, the great care with which you personally organized everything, the amazing compassion you showed to me and my family, will never be forgotten. The beautiful plaque you presented to me in honor of my father, words just can't adequately describe how much it all means to me.

I will also forever hold dear to my heart the amazing woman whom came in with me to see my father, and with a comforting embrace, said the most beautiful prayer for him. You have no idea how much that meant to me, how truly it touched me, on such a hard day.

What you all do is so very important and so incredibly meaningful, not only to us as families, but to our country as a whole. While I wish there wasn't such a great need for the services you provide, I pray your services ALWAYS continue, as the love, peace and kindness you bring to every mission and family, I know will be deeply treasured by all whose lives you touch.

May God Bless every one of you, keep you safe, strong and protected, ALWAYS.

Many heartfelt thanks from the bottom of our hearts,

The Family of USMC Capt. Wayne A. Bosco and his children,
Kari Fitzgerald, Jessica Bosco and Jack Bosco



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