Thanks from Cpl. Charte's Fellow Marines

Sept. 11, 2010

Hello, my name is Cpl. Christopher E. [full name redacted] and I am currently deployed with 2nd Battalion 6th Marines Echo Co. here in [redacted], Afghanistan.  Cpl. Charte,  Lcpl. Carver, and Lcpl. Roberts were here with us until falling on the battlefield recently. These men, my brothers in arms, died doing exactly what they were meant to, honorably and without fear, while maneuvering on the enemy while under fire in order to take them out. All they cared about was making sure

their fellow Marines made it home alive. I just wanted to thank all of the members of Patriot Guard Riders for supporting these men and escorting them, so they may rest in peace. All the Marines from 2/6 Echo Co. will greatly miss our brothers, and we all thank you for supporting them and their families through this rough time. The family of Lcpl. Carver said his funeral was beautiful and I’m sure that will help bring some peace of mind to the boys over here. I know you are currently planning to help with Cpl. Charte’s Funeral and with Lcpl. Roberts as well. Once again, we greatly appreciate this. So from all the Marines from Echo Co. fighting the good fight, we say their deaths will not be in vain, and we say thank you to the PGR for their support.


Cpl. Christopher E.



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