Thanks from a Law Enforcement Officer

September 16, 2010

My name is John Downey and I am from Troy,N.Y. I have been riding for over thirty years now. On Tuesday 9/14/10 your group escorted a young Marine named Philip Charte back home to Cambridge, N.Y. I stood in front of my vehicle to honor this young man’s sacrifice to our country as the procession came into Troy, and I have to say it really struck me what a great tribute your group paid

this Marine by leading the escort,total strangers dedicated to honoring this young man’s ultimate sacrifice to country and flag. As part of law enforcement in Troy, I stood with hand on heart and watched uniformed officers honor this man with a sharp salute, and knew he got a proper send off, the biker way. Perhaps some day there will be no need for these kind of escorts, but until then, keep up the good work your group does.

Thank You,



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