Son of Edgar Zernicke - VRP

10 November 2010


I wish to thank you and the rest of your Patriot Riders for the outstanding job escorting the remains of the war veterans which were discovered abandoned at The Iron Museum in Buffalo.  It is rare these days to find volunteers but from what I have read, your organization was able to organize over 100 volunteers who were willing to give up their valuable time and at their own expense, to escort the reamins of unknow personnel to their final resting place.

My father, Edgar L Zernicke was one of those who were escorted by your fine group and I would expect him to be very proud to have had your help in ensuring that he had at long last, a proper burial.

I want to thank your entire group from the bottom of my heart for all you have done, not only for my father, but for the numerous rides I understand that you provided for others.

Again, thank you for "taking care" of my father and the other veterans.

Kenneth G. Zernicke



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