Sgt. Christopher Simpson

April 14, 2008

Dear David:

On behalf of the Lukenbill, the Fries and the Simpson families, I wanted to get this short note off to thank you for Sgt. Christopher Curtis Simpson's recent Patriot Guard detail.  From the Easter Sunday morning showing at the Air National Guard airfield for Christopher's Military Escort Learjet arrival home, to the cold, hard, driving wind during our six-plus hour wake on Tuesday, to Christopher's full military honors funeral service

on Wednesday; we can't begin to express our appreciation for the Patriot Guard Rider's kind, dedicated and patriotic participation.

Christopher was a proud patriot himself.  He was a sharp, engaging, and enthusiastic young man.  He was a soldier's soldier, always leading by example.  He was a leader in his battalion, and always first into harm's way.  He was a wonderful son, grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend and fianc√©; to know him was to love him.  Christopher was an adventurous soul too, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the new Buell motorcycle he was so proud of that was recently purchased following his first tour of duty in Iraq.  Christopher shared the love of freedom, the love of country, the unwavering respect of the men and women who serve, and everything the Patriot Guard Riders stand for.

Please pass along our heart-felt thanks to all who stood with the New York State Patriot Guard Riders and honored Christopher.  Your efforts have been a blessing to our families.

Thank you for a mission well done.

Scott Simpson
1st Sgt. Crew Chief
174th Fighter Wing
Air National Guard



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