Richard Bohn, Veteran

August 15, 2010

Dear Mr. McElroy,

I would like personally thank you and your noble group of Riders for accompanying my family and loved ones to the funeral of my father, Korean War Veteran, Richard Vincent Bohn, PFC on July 2, 2010.  The presence of your group was such an honor.  I am especially grateful that you escorted us and surrounded us at the Veterans' Cemetery.  We felt protected and not so "alone" in our grief.  Your presence was a comfort to us all.

It is an honorable thing the you and your group are doing.  I know my father would be pleased.

The ceremony itself was beautiful and having all of you lined up behind us with all those beautiful American flags that I love so much was a superb expression of your mission.

I thank you on behalf of my brothers , grandmother, Uncle Steve Bohn and all our friends and loved ones.
May God bless you richly for the way that you have blessed others.  I exhort you to carry on your great work.

Loretta (Bohn) Tapp
Ashland, Oregon



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