Regions 1/2/3 - Honor Mission Sgt. Howard F. Gotts, WW II, MIA Returned

To the men and women of the Patriot Guard Riders,

When I received the Army briefing regarding the identification of the remains of my great uncle, SGT Howard Gotts, I couldn’t help but feel regret that almost everyone who knew him personally had already died. My initial thought was that the most our family could offer Howard for his sacrifice was a small unremarkable memorial service with a few distant family members present. But the Patriot Guard Riders changed all that. Your presence brought Howard the honor and recognition he has deserved for 76 years.

I was emotionally moved as I saw you escort his body, not only once, but twice.
I will never forget the riders standing in the rain, never wavering, never moving, and remaining to the very end when all other guests had left. That’s the definition of commitment.

SGT Howard F Gotts

May God bless you all as you continue to bless other families in the future during their time of loss. You have certainly blessed me and mine. Please share this email with everyone who rode with SGT Howard Gotts the day he finally returned home.

With profound gratitude,
Linda Kent (on behalf of the Gotts family)





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