R8/9 Honor Mission - Michael E. Curley

My name is Michael Curley. Yesterday my Uncle and namesake Michael Curley was laid to rest in Calverton NY.  I am a retired NYPD Detective who understands the meaning of camaraderie and of standing by one another in respecting those who have given of themselves in a life of service.  My Uncle was an Airborne paratrooper in the Army and had been very sick as a result of his service as an FDNY Firefighter.  His Dad (my grandfather)fought the Japanese on the island of Pelieliu as a member of the Wildcats division and my Dad who was Michaels brother was a Marine during the Vietnam era.  While the response from the Riverhead Police Department, Riverhead Fire Department and Cutchouge Fire Departments was awesome and deserves our families gratitude I also wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and thank the members of your organization who were present yesterday and gave my Uncles wife and kids a real sense of pride in the man they were burying.  The situation with the virus quarantine only served to amplify how generous it was for your members to extend themselves in honoring my Uncle.  Thank you all for your time yesterday and for your service to our nation.

Best Regards,
Michael Curley



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