R1/2 Honor Mission - John E. Mertsock

Dear Members of the Patriot Guard Riders of NY,

My Father, John Mertsock of Wellsville, New York, was so rightfully proud of his country and of his service to the United States.
The very powerful, eloquent speeches he gave each Memorial Day, the genuine love and honor he exuded every single day of his life for our country and for those who serve it, gave my brothers and me a deep, tremendous respect for our freedom and our flag. 
Our father raised us to understand the meaning of sacrifice, strength and duty, and we are so grateful to have learned so much from him.  We are so lucky to have had his evolved intelligence to advise us, his open appreciation for his fellow man, and for his remarkable example of what it is like to have lived a meaningful, valuable life.
The presence of the Patriot Guard Riders at his passing was among the most personally meaningful moments we have ever witnessed...  This genuine, soulful and quietly powerful way you honored your fallen brother.
The Patriot Guard Riders mean so much to people like me and my brothers, and especially to those whose last actions in this world you stand strong for.
You are all such beautiful, brave, remarkable people.
Thank you for being there for Dad.
With respect,
Sharlene Klein, daughter of John Mertsock,
and sons John, Alan and Mike Mertsock.



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