National Cemetery Director - Sgt. Espy

National Cemetery Director re: Sgt. Espy

Bath National Cemetery
VA Medical Cente*
San Juan Avenue
Bath, New York 14810

April 3, 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for showing you patriotism, respect, and honor to the family, friends, and the honored fallen veteran Sgt. Espy we interred at the Woodlawn National cemetery today.

We are blessed with a community of patriots that do not forget what our precious reserve of veterans have done, and continue to do to keep our country free, and to protect the precious rights we hold so dear. It is community like all of you all whether you live in Elmira or in Washington DC that show the world we are united in how we feel about our service men and women.

Today we had wind, and rain, and a bit of a cool nip in the air, but as I looked around during the service there was not one of you shivering, or fidgeting, or having the look of wishing you were somewhere else, instead what I saw was devotion, and one sightedness caring, and pride that you all stood shoulder to shoulder knowing you are part of a bigger event then what was happing around you physically. The Family of Sgt. Espy was very appreciative, and when I talked with the Niece she said had shivers of pride, and felt it deep in her heart. This family lost a loved one but with your help we welcomed him home and put him and the family to rest, knowing that he was with them once again. The cemetery staff would like to thank each of you for your service and assistance.

Please share this with members of your clubs, VSOs and Staff


Walter Baroody

National Cemetery Director



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