Jordan Haerter

April 25, 2008

My name is Christian Haerter.  I am Jordans father and a member of the PGR.  I'm sure I have ridden with some of you either on Long Island or in Rhode Island.  I want to express my sincerest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has posted here, everyone who rides for a fallen warrior, every PGR member who dedicates so much of their precious time for so many, but most of all to the men and women in every branch of the service who put their lives on the line every day

so that we can do so.  A big chunk of my heart was ripped out of me that fateful day in Ramadi, Iraq and it is a hole that will never be filled again.  Jordan was not only my only son, my only child, but he was my best friend.  Its very hard losing all of those things at once.

Please hug your children for me and tell them that you love them.....that alone brings me some solace.  I know I'll be seeing many of you in Sag Harbor this weekend and if I don't get to personally shake your hand to say thanks please do not take offense.  You now know what is in my heart.....

Thank you so much and ride safe.



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