From Mrs. Showalter

16 April 2011

Dear Patriot Guard participants,

Words cannot express the heartfelt gratitude I and the rest of my family felt with your presence at John's funeral on March 14 and at his interment in Marilla Cemetery.

I did not know how to contact you to show my thankfulness but Howie Steves, my brother, made the connections .... and thus a beautiful ceremony and a tribute to John and his "service days" back in '59-'60s when he served in Germany.

I managed to thanks the people there, or a good portion of them...... 37 in all..... I was told.... but am hoping you can share this note with the many that go beyond the 37 that were present.  May you continue your beautiful work.

with  much love and appreciation.......

John's wife,
Betty Showalter



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