From JFK to Connecticut

September 14, 2009

Words cannot even begin to express my thanks for what the NY and CT Patriot Guard Riders did for my brother-in-law, John,  yesterday when he arrived back home! Everyone really went above and beyond for John's welcome home mission! We were escorted in and out of JFK by the PGR and the Port Authority Police, the applause when John came out of customs from the people waiting in the terminal to pick up their loved ones brought tears to our eyes. We then were escorted all the way

to Darien, CT by John Brockell on his motorcycle and a vehicle. John Brockell was amazing, staying with us and managing cars trying to cut us off, even through all the rain that was coming down he never waivered! When we arrived at the Darien, CT rest area we were greeted by about 40 people in a flag line! What a beautiful site to see all those beautiful American Flags! There was a little bit of traffic on I-95 as people slowed down to check it out and honk their horns in respect! We were then escorted by about 35 motorcycles and 6 cars all the way to Wallingford, CT. When we got off the exit to head toward home, on the exit ramp were 2 local firetrucks with the American Flag raised, sirens and lights going, and the firefighters lining the road saluting John as we drove by!! We then picked up a police escort that led us to John's home! The PGR parked and stayed for a bit to talk and even posed for a group photo! Everyone was so nice and friendly and swapped stories with John.

I really cannot thank everyone enough, all of our heroes should be honored and shown respect! Thank you for doing this for our hero!

Deirdre Hynes



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