Family of Scott Dewitt

9 July 2012

I would like you to post this letter of appreciation to the members of pgr. Today we buried my friend  Scott Dewitt who I have known for many years. I am a member of the PGR and when I  asked his family for permission to have him honored by the PGR  at his funeral they couldn’t believe that people he didn’t know would come and honor him. I told his wife that he was a veteran and this is what this organization does.

Well after the funeral today everyone from out of town relatives, family and friends were blown away with the members who braved this weekend heat to come out and proudly honor there son, brother, cousin  or just a close friend. This is why I chose to get involved with the PGR. It was a very hard day for myself and the family to say goodbye to a Great friend and brother but  hearing the response of the family was very over whelming  and these members who showed up are so appreciated.

Cliff Arbatowicz  and the family of Scott Dewitt

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