Family of Frederick T Crossman

My Mother worked as a radiation nurse for the last years of her long nursing career. She recalls someone named Cap Capella (or something like that) coming in for treatment. I’m guessing he made it through okay. Someone said he was one of the Guards at the services and thought he may be interested to know this. 
I want you to know how impressed, ecstatic, and in awe of your presence at both services. I couldn’t help but shake every hand and was floored when every one of them said “It is my honor”.  I was happy to see emotion from the guards as well as we spoke to each one of them. It was like they were saying goodbye to someone they had served along side. Despite the fact that it’s been almost 73 years since Frederick left the service I guess in a way they did serve together. 
I am most thankful for the honor the Patriot Guard has bestowed upon my family and am looking forward to supporting your efforts and spreading your story. Even though it was only a couple days, I’m indeed honored to have known you guys. 
Jay A. Mills



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