Capt. Phillip Dykeman

July 7, 2008

Thanks from Funeral Home

re: Mission for Capt. Philip J. Dykeman--Service date was July 5, 2008

Please let Jerry Deon, Senior Ride Captain for the New York Chapter, know who much we, and our communities involved, appreciated the efforts of the Patriot Guard---not only on the day of transfer from Hancock Airport to the Funeral Home

---but especially for their efforts during the calling hours and the services for Capt. Dykeman on Saturday, July 5, 2008.

I, also speak for the family involved because you took away the concerns that outside unwanted influences would try to interfere-----

And, just to let you know, not only were we thankful for your efforts,  the United State Marine Corps was doubly thankful because they could concentrate on the job before them.

I, certainly, applaud your efforts, on behalf of any soldier (KIA) and their families---

Ernest Ladd III, Mgr.
Watson Funeral Home, Inc.
Central Square, NY



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