Region 4 Announces RC Shirley Gawlak

We are honored to announce the appointment of Shirley Gawlak as Ride Captain for Region 4 of PGRNY.

Shirley joined the PGRNY to honor her father a WWII/Korean Army Veteran who had over 25 years in the service and her (late) father-in-law who was also a WWII Veteran. Both her father and my father-in-law are Purple Heart Recipients. 

She occasionally participated in missions starting in 2015 while employed full-time. In October 2020 her 34-year position as Project Coordinator with a local engineering company was terminated and she retired in 2021.  From that time forward Shirley began doing missions on a regular basis.  As Shirley states, “This is certainly a path I never expected, but am blessed and honored for it, and would never have known if not for my father and other respected veterans, and the PGR. I have come to love many of those I have met and consider them a part of my circle of friends/family.”

Please join me in congratulating Shirley Gawlak as newest Ride Captain in Region 4.


Dan Nolin

Senior Ride Captain

PGRNY Region 4



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