New Program of HOTH - Veteran's Furniture Assistance


HOTH Announcement

PGRNY is excited to announce the expansion of its Help on the Homefront (HOTH) umbrella with the addition of another state-wide program; the Veteran's Furniture Assistance program.

The Veteran's Furniture Assistance program is a volunteer outreach program that may provide a one-time delivery of new furniture to U.S. Armed Forces veterans who are in need of furniture and have been a resident of an in-house program or counseling with Veterans Affairs or other veteran-supported agency.   We have selected furniture pieces from which the veteran may chose for one of three rooms (bedroom, living room, or kitchen).   

The Veteran's Assistance program which provides financial assistance has been renamed Veteran's Financial Assistance (the pre-existing program under the HOTH umbrella) and is still alive and well.   This program is a volunteer outreach program that may provide one-time financial support to U.S. Armed Forces veterans who require some financial assistance due to a hardship that is related to their Service Connected disability; whether due to an injury, illness and/or PTSD. 

As you know, we are only able to continue supporting our veterans through HOTH and its programs by the generous donations from the community.  Please consider donating today.

Thank you!

(Note: Veteran must be a resident of New York State.)




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