HOTH ROC Whse-Jason Forte

October 6, 2017

Please join me in welcoming the two newest members to the PGRHY ROC-HOTH Warehouse team.

Jason Forte joined the team in early September as our new Donation Coordinator. Jason is processing the incoming

Furniture Donation Pickup Requests and assisting in the preparation of the monthly furniture pickup and delivery routes.

Dan Ritz joined the team on September 29 as our new Scheduling Coordinator. Dan is scheduling the veteran's visits to the warehouse to pick out their furniture.

The current Warehouse Team now includes:
Tom Reichardt, Assistant Warehouse Manager, Inventory and Veteran Escort Coordinator.
Steve Ford, Assistant Warehouse Manager, Transportation
Jason Forte, Donation Coordinator
Dan Ritz, Scheduling Coordinator
Dave Lippa, Warehouse Liaison & Safety Captain
Steve Burley, Assistant Safety Captain
Ed Reulback, Inventory Assistant
Donna Barnes, Webmaster and Communications Director

Beth Read, Warehouse Manager

If you would like to learn more about the above positions and other volunteer opportunities within PGRNY and PGRNY HOTH, please visit Volunteer Opportunities section of the PGRNY website.



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