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Ladies and Gentlemen:

We have been invited to be recognized by the Monroe County Legislature and the County Executive for outstanding service to veterans and their families.
Even though it's not about me, or you, or us, on behalf of "You" I have accepted the invitation. You are invited to be the recipients of the Plaque and the Honorable ceremony.

I know many of you have put in considerable hours Honoring our Veterans for their service in all kinds of weather. There are many of you have spent countless hours in our Fund raising efforts that benefit HOTH, and many of you who have reached into your pocket to aid our fund raising efforts. Some of you have given your time collecting and distributing furniture to those Veterans getting their lives back together again. I informed the legislator who contacted me that we do not need this recognition but it is appreciated nonetheless. Awareness of who we are and what we do, if it gets one more of the silent majority of like minded Americans to join our ranks, then I see that as a good thing. You do make a difference to grieving families, and you have helped so many of our living Veterans.
Please stage at 5:30 pm
At the Monroe County Office Building
39 W Main St.
Rochester NY 14614
Main lobby

We will not be doing a Flag Line as we are the honorees and we will not be honor ourselves.
I would ask that no matter how you dress that you bring the PGR Armband with you.
They will do the Pledge of Allegiance, other than that just a basic Proclamation for the Patriot Guard.

The ceremony will take place on the 4th floor in the Legislatures Chambers.
You are all invited, I do expect news media. Please dress as you feel comfortable in riding gear, casual or business casual.
If you have questionable statements on your riding gear, Please remove or cover. I would greatly appreciate that.
Nigel Heaton
Assistant State Captain
PGR NY Regions 1, 2, 3



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