This Saturday we have been Honored with the request to greet and escort two groups of WW2 Veterans. The first group will be coming to Long Island MacArthur Airport individually as the prepare to board an Honor Flight to DC.  The second group we escort and greet are D-Day survivors on Long Island for their annual reunion (please see request below for more info on this group of extraordinary men).

We will meet at 0545 to prepare a flag line at LIMA for the arrivals of the Honor Flight. Then we will proceed to the hotel of the 297th Combat Engineers and escort them to the First Baptist Church of Patchogue (482 North Ocean Ave, Patchogue). There will be a few hours of downtime here, and we will reform again by 1000 hrs and escort this group to Long Island National at Pinelawn for a 1100 hrs Memorial Service, once this service is over we will escort to the American Air Power Museum.

If there is any individual that could coordinate the flag line at LI National place contact me, we would need line in place by 1040 hrs.

Date: Saturday June 4th, 2011

First Stage: 0545 hrs; Tower Diner, Vets Hwy, Bohemia (located across from LIMA entrance) (From the airport we will be heading to meet the Veterans at the Marriott Courtyard; Time TBD)

Second Stage: 0945 hrs; First Baptist Church of Patchogue (482 North Ocean Ave, Patchogue)

Third Stage: LI National Cemetery (have flag line at Main Entrance for arrival of escort & group)  - See Below for details

Any support vehicle or cage that can join us please contact me so that we can get you the region flags

Please check back for updates on this mission.

Thank You ~ Ride Safe ~ God Bless
Frank "Frankie B" Bania
US Veterans MC- Long Island Chapter, President
Patriot Guard Riders Region 9-NY, Senior Ride Captain
9-1-1-Veterans, Rally Coordinator
Disabled American Veteran
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PO Box 675 Bellport NY, 11713



Stage: 1000 hours at the Main entrance the Long Island National Cemetery,for a ceremony at approx 1100

Our mission is considered the third stage of the mission
Region 8 has been requested to set up a flag line at the entrance of Long Island National Cemetery for a prompt 1040 arrival of the motorcade which we will join with as we escort these heroes  to a short ceremony and then on to the American Air Power Museum
We ask that you please join us in honoring these men, just a few, a happy few, who come to Long Island via Omaha Beach, the Hürtgen Forest, and the Ardennes Offensive aka the Battle of the Bulge.

Mission : flagline to honor these WW2 Veterans and join escort to further destinations in the area

All support vehicles are welcome as well as any and all MC'c that wish to honor these men

**Please have your flags with you as there is no confirm the region flags will be on site.**
Have extra water and sunblock and be aware of the precautions needed during the hotter weather.

LRC Frank Bania
RC Eddie Espo
we will be monitoring cb channel 11
Lets give these men a thank you they will not forget

Keep doing the good work..and good shall follow

Eddie Esposito
Ride Captain (Region 8)
Patriot Guard Rider # 168113

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