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We have been invited to help welcome home USMC Sgt. Salvatore Cavallaro.

He arrives at LGA after 11PM Saturday night.

Region 9 and 8 will stage at the Waldbaums parking lot ,Rt. 106/LIE, departing there at 10PM.

I strongly suggest carpooling to keep traffic down at the airport. Any body wanting to go directly to LGA may of course do so, staging area there, is the small employee only parking lot adjacent to Lot #5. PAPD will escort us from there to the terminal.

The Sgt's travel plans preclude an escort, so this will be a meet and greet only, and an opportunity to let our hero know that what he is doing is appreciated.

Three more things: 1) please have your flags with you, 2) as this is military travel, make sure you check your EMail just prior to leaving for any last minuet changes, 3)YOU CAN SLEEP IN 0N SUNDAY, lets turn out and give this Marine a welcome home he will never forget.

PS Copy my Cell#, if needed I can help you get to the staging lot, and I don't
recommend riding with the roads being so badly potholed

Frank Byrnes , Region 9 Ride Captain
Cell 516-241-6323
Home 631-427-9526

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