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Update:  Additional Staging Areas

Good Morning All...

IN ADDITION to the already posted KSU (9:15am) at Trooper Barracks on Southern State Pkwy (westbound) we have added two additional Staging areas for Thursday's mission of escorting 9/11 Steel from JFK. These will help with anyone coming from points east. (please see previous mission statement).

Warren Schlicker will be at Gulf gas station off of exit 56 LIE and also at 106/107 Waldbaums in Hicksville. Although all are welcome, we encourage car-pooling so that the HOV lane may be used to 106/107.

KSU: 07:45am ~ Gulf, exit 56 off of LIE, (westbound)
KSU: 08:15am ~ 106/107 Hicksville, Waldbaums
RC: Warren Schlicker ~ email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Escort will then proceed to Trooper Barracks with a KSU of 09:15am.

Please allow for morning traffic and ride safe.


Good Afternoon All Friends and Patriots,

We have been requested by Lynbrook Village Trustee, Alan Beach, to help escort steel from the Twin Towers from JFK to the fabricators in Oceanside. At a later date, the steel will be moved to Lynbrook to be placed at the 9/11 Memorial. The FDNY Fire Riders will be leading the escort and have graciously invited us to participate.

There will be one KSU, already determined by the Fire Riders. We will be led by at least 2 (possibly 3) Lynbrook Police Cars as well as assistance from PAPD once we arrive at JFK. (For those traveling from the west, you can meet the escort at Hanger 17 at JFK at 9:30am)

Here is the email from Alan Beach that was sent to our member, Alice.

The Village is picking up two pieces of 9-11 steel from JFK on Thursday, April 7 @ 10 AM. This steel will be added to the 9-11 Memorial at the village. Members of the FDNY Fire Riders are going to escort the steel to the steel fabricator in Oceanside. Would the Patriot Guard Riders be interested in joining the escort? The escort is meeting at the State Trooper Barracks on the Southern State Parkway @ 9 AM. Kick stands up @ 9:15.  It would be great if they participated.
Alan Beach

So far the weather is looking good for Thursday. As always, be prepared for adverse riding conditions and plan accordingly. Cages are welcome to participate. But as always, we encourage car-pooling.

DETAIL: Escort 9/11 steel from JFK to Oceanside
STAGING: starts at 08:50am at Trooper Barracks on Southern State Pkwy (westbound side)
KSU: 09:15am, FDNY Fire Riders leading.
RC: Lucy Cee

If you have any questions please feel free to email or text me.

Thank you
Peace & Love

Lucy Christiano
Proud Army Mom 
RC ~ PGR NY Reg. 9

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