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Riders we have been asked by the wife of Michael P. Magnus, through Vinny Poto, a PGR member who was out for while after a spill. The memorial will be from 1300 to 1600 and will include the service and there are no plans for internment in regards to this mission.

Hicksville Stage Area   KSU 1120 hrs
Waldbaums Shopping Center, Rt. 106/107 Just South West of LIE and NS Pkwy 

Valley Stream Stage Area,    KSU 1145 hrs
Southern State Parkway Trooper Barracks WEST bound Between Exits 13 & 14
We will pull in, but please don’t dismount as we will be back on road right away.

Final Stage Area,    Arrival 1245 hrs
Avieoli Funeral Home,  1275 65th Street (Cross street 13th Ave) Brooklyn. NY 718-331-2100

All Riders from other areas please proceed directly to the Funeral Home.

Please bring your own flags as there are other missions that day and we should always be prepared. Our region flags are transported by members like anyone else so we cannot always guarantee they will be there. If you do not have a flag, stand the flag line anyway. Our silent presence shows the family that the sacrifice and service of their loved ones are not forgotten.

It is the weekend and hopefully the weather will be nice, so maybe our riders from the area can show Michaels family that Brooklyn cares.

Ride Captain is Vinny Poto for this mission.

It’s been a while since the last mission and with the winter many of us might forget some of the basic.

Please remember to Ride Safe, Stay at the speed limit. Stagger ride. Respect the people that do not know we are on a mission. While on the flag line, please stand with quietly respect. If you need to eat, smoke, text or cell phone please just step off the line, go around the corner and do what needs to be done. The Flag of the Unites States of America should always be held on the right side, standing straight up, unless being presented, then it is lifted straight in front of you so that your left hand is at the bottom of the staff and your right hand is gripping the flag in front of your eyes, facing out, with your forearm parallel to the ground. It should never touch the ground and should never be restrained from flying free. If you stand 6 feet from the rider next to you, that will avoid the flag hitting you or them.
Order Arms is the call that brings the flag to the right side, and present arms is the call that brings the flag to the forward and lifted position. The calls are made in a cadence of ORDER (pause) ARMS with the first word for preparation and the second word being the command that we all move on.
The term Present Arms is when the salute is given. As we are a civilian organization dedicated to honor those that served in the military and First Responders, we are not bound by the rules of the military. But since we are a civilian organization dedicated to honor those that served in the military and First Responders, maybe we should respect there traditions. You may do as you see fit as long as it is respectful. There are many Veterans that do feel that they have earned the right to salute through their service. Congress has seen fit to award them that right. So maybe for those of us that have not served putting our hand over our hearts is the right thing to do. One of the items that have come up in the past is uniformity. That is why many Ride Captain suggest that we all present the flag and that is our salute.  Please listen to the Ride Captain and do what you feel is right.

Thank you for the time you give to those who stood for us.

Jim McElroy
Region 8 Senior Ride Captain,  Assistant State Captain   Patriot Guard Riders, NY
East Northport, NY 11731,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 516.805.3316 

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. Edmund Burke

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