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- Updated 03/23/2011 -

Riders, Tomorrows weather will be iffy at best for motorcycle escort from
Queens to Calverton, I suggest staging at Hicksville and carpooling from
there, in the AM, take a hard look at the conditions and use your best
judgment. Also the region flags may be available, but please have yours just
in case

Frank Byrnes , Region9 Ride Captain
Cell 516-241-6323
Home 631-427-9526

- Begin Original Mission Posting -

Friends, Riders, the American Legion has invited us to attend the final
services for an indigent US Army veteran, Pvt. Marvin Byers, not much is
known about Pvt Byers, he was 57 years old and served his country in the
early 70s," served his country," being the operative phrase. Services will
be held at the George Werst F/H, 71-41 Cooper Ave, Queens NY at 9:30 AM,
Thus. 24 March, followed by an escort to Calverton National Cemetary, where
Pvt. Byers will receive a dignified Burial. I realize that we have a Medal
of Honor Mission at LaGuardia Airport in the same time period, but I would
like to show the American Legion that we stand with them for  these not to
be forgotten veterans. Staging area will be the Hicksville Waldbaums parking
lot at LIE/106 intersection, with a KSU of 08:30, as always anybody wanting
to go directly to the F/H may do so. Anybody from region 9 that wants to
join us at Calverton, please contact me so I can let you know when we exit
the LIE. here is link to the F/H,-73.879021&spn=0.008443,0.01929&z=16
RC will be Frank Byrnes

Frank Byrnes , Region9 Ride Captain
Cell 516-241-6323
Home 631-427-9526

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