Confirmed Mission: 08/11/10, Wed, Jack Leonard, Patriot Guard Rider and Retired NYPD, Smithtown, NY




We have been asked by his family to stand for Mr. Jack Leonard, Patriot Guard Rider and Retired NYPD who passed away. The request came through Vinny Poto (PGR Member) who rides with people that road with Jack.


The viewing will be Monday evening 1900 to 2100 hrs and Tuesday 1400 to 1600 hrs and 1900 to 2100 hrs


The ceremony will be on a Wednesday. 8/11/10 starting at 0900 hrs to 1000 hrs viewing,

with a church service (Mass) at St Pats (Smithtown) at 1030 hrs (10:30 am)   with internment at 1145 hrs.


Hicksville Stage Area   KSU 0800 hrs (0800 am)

Waldbaums Shopping Center, Rt. 106/107 Just South West of LIE and NS Pkwy 


Commack Stage Area,  KSU  0840  (8:40)

Exit 53 LIE (495) Park & Ride, 

South west corner of Wicks Road & the South (East Bound) Service Road.  East of Sagtikos Parlway

Across Wicks form the Gas Station.

(This is not the park & Ride on the south east corner of exit 52)


Branch Funeral Home, Arrive Aprox 0900 hrs  (9:00 am)

190 E Main Street, Smithtown, NY ,11787       631.724.9500


St. Patricks RC Church  Service (Mass) 1030 to 1130 hrs    (10:30 am) to (11:30 am)

280 E Main Street, Smithtown, NY 11787     631) 724-3746


Burial St. Patricks Cemetery, Arrive Aprox 1145 hrs  (11:45 am)

Mt Pleasant Road, Smithtown, NY


It is supposed to be warm so make sure we bring water and keep and eye on the rider next to you.

Please remember to bring your own flags in case Support Vehicle is not available.


As always, please stand with respect, and Make sure that Cell Phones are off or Silent and if you do need to make a call please step off the line and walk away from the line to answer.


Ride safe, obey the laws and remember the families are not on our mission, they are our mission.

These men and women stood for us so we could raise our families and proceed with our lives. If we can spare the time to show them our respect and gratitude then so be it. If we can’t go on this one just remember them while you are doing what their service allows us to do and go on the next one you can make. Do what you can (we can never do all that we want).

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