Confirmed Mission: 08/16/10, Mon, MSGT John Joseph "Jack" Reilly, US Army Korea etc., Whitestone, NY

This mission originates in Region 8 and travels to Region 7 for Interment.  Region 7 info follows at the bottom.


We have been asked to stand for MSGT John Joseph "Jack" Reilly, US Army Korea etc who passed away on Thursday by his son Patrick Reilly. You might know Patrick as one of our friends at VMAC Northport and some of you were even at his wedding recently. He also stood with us at Ronnie Kobler's Funeral most recently.

His own words when requesting our attendance at his father’s funeral says it best.



We had talked following the PGR mission for Ronnie Kobler's Funeral. I have a Personal request for a mission....


My Father, John Joseph "Jack" Reilly died last night at 2101 yesterday following a long battle with cancer, he was proudest of his time in Korea 1951-1953 as a MSGT and that is how is how he wishes to be remembered-a hardworking Sarge. He had wanted to eschew the traditional Arlington burial insofar as that would have meant burial at his higher rank-which he didn't want to be remembered as.


He would appreciate most seeing Veterans and civilians that care for Veterans seeing him off to his last roll call-and in this I humbly ask your help.   ……………….


I cannot thank you enough....

Pat Reilly

VAMC Northport


Wake will be Sat and Sunday 1400 to 1700 hrs (2-5 pm) and 1900 to 2200 hrs (7-10 pm)

Monday 8/16/10

Hicksville Stage Area KSU 0800 hrs (8:00 am)

Waldbaums Shopping Center, Rt. 106/107 Just South West of LIE and NS Pkwy


Martin A. Gleason, Funeral Home, Arrive Aprox 0900 hrs (9:00 am)

10-25 150th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357        718.359.6300


St. Andrew Avellino RC Church Service (Mass) 1045 to 11450 hrs (10:45 am) to (11:45 am)

3560 158th Street, Flushing NY, 11358                718.359.7887


Burial Our Lady of the Gate of Heaven Cemetery,     Arrive Aprox 1245 hrs (12:45 am)

Valhalla, New York (Westchester, NY)


RC is Jim McElroy


We will be traveling over one of the bridges so please bring Easy Pass if available. If you do not have it please pull out and try to get ahead so you can get through the cash lane and catch up as we go through.

It is supposed to be warm so make sure we bring water and keep and eye on the rider next to you.

Please remember to bring your own flags in case Support Vehicle is not available.



PGRNY, Region 7 Members.
Monday August 16, 2010
We will only be attending the interment for MSGT John Joseph 'Jack" Reilly.
Interment is at Our Lady Of The Gates Of Heavan Cemetery in Valhalla, NY.
We will set up a flag line for the arrival of MSGT Reilly.
STAGING:  Monday,  8/16/10  11:30 AM -- DD 1 (Dunkin Donuts on Route 202 in Yorktown Heights, NY)
KSU:   11:45 AM, SHARP
Thank You For What You Do
John Tibbs, PGRNY Region 7 Senior RC
cell 914 649-8063
USMC 1957-1960

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