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Reminder for Saturday's send-off mission.

Please be sure to bring your 3x5 flag.

I would also strongly suggest that you use good judgement in determining
what to ride/drive due to the weather.

If you are meeting in Hopewell Junction and going on to Westchester, please
have a full tank of gas.

Thank you for what you do...
****** UPDATED 3/27/11  1941 HRS **********

PGRNY, Regions 6,7 and 8.

Region 7 staging details.

Saturday, 4/2/11  Time:  4;00 AM  I, John Tibbs, SR/C,  will be going directly to Hopewell Junction to help start the send off mission. I will already be in that area. I will be meeting Region 6 at this time.

STAGING:  For Region 7,  5:00 AM at DD 1 (Dunkin Donuts on Route 202 in Yorktown Heights, NY)

KSU:  5:15 AM, SHARP
Bob Kepler, Lead Ride Captain
Acting Ride Captain, Carlos Laboy, and Lower Westchester members will be at the Westchester Airport at 5:45 AM to help Bob Kepler set up the flag line for our arrival of us with Jesse and his family.

REGION 8,  PLEASE set up your staging time so you can be at the airport by 5:45 AM.

I would like to thank all of you in advance for what you do and what you are going to do to make this send off something that Jesse deserves, to let him know that we are proud that he is serving to keep us free.

John Tibbs, PGRNY, Region 7, Senior Ride Captain

cell: 914 649-8063
USMC 1957-1960

*********** ORIGINAL POST *************


Ladies & Gentlemen of the PGR:

We will have the honor of escorting Army Specialist Jesse Smith, from
his home in Hopewell Junction, NY to the Westchester County Airport on
Saturday April 2, 2011. Specialist Smith will be returning to Afghanistan
where he will serve his country proudly! This will be a split mission.
Members may choose to do all or part of it as they see fit. Motorcycles and
cages are welcome.

The first group (LR/C - Brian T.) is asked to stage at the Kimberly Korners
Plaza parking lot in Hopewell Junction at 0415. Members (in cages only)
will set up a flagline here and await Jesse/family.


This group will then take the Taconic/I-84/I-684 to Westchester County
Airport to meet the second group (LR/C - John Tibbs) of members awaiting
the escort (the second group should have a flagline set up at the airport
by 0600).

Let's give Jesse the send off he truly deserves.

Again, thank you for what you do...

Brian T./John Tibbs
NYPGR    SR/C     Region's 6/7
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