The PGR has been requested to take part in the Interment of Sgt. Daniel F. Tefoe on 05-14-2011. Daniel was with the COA 4 Engine Combat Battalion.

We will escort the Cermains from St Theresas Church to the Newcomb Cemetery just down the road for a brief Service at the Interment site.

Please meet at the Church by 9:30AM; there will be no Service at the Church, just an escort to the cemetery. Then a flag line to Interment Site.

A couple of reminders Dan is Bill LaForest’s Fiancés’ Father. Most of you know Bill; he is a very active member of PGRNY R-4. We did a flag line for Dan in January doing a horrible snow storm. We had a weather related low turn out. I know this is a long ride for many, but I hope to be able to send this Purple Heart recipient with PGR honors.

PK will be LRC with assistance from Temp. RC Geri Hedden.

I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

PK Pastor Ken Hedden Sr
PGRNY R-4 Senior Regional Captain

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