A very special thank you to the 24 PGR members that showed up at the cemetery yesterday to help place American flags on some 675 gravestones in Section 8 of the cemetery.  This was the very first occasion that the cemetery ever had flags placed on the 10,000 gravestones at the cemetery.  The placement of the flags was accomplished in short order and the whole mission was conducted with great reverence and dignity by every one there.  This was a very special day and the sight of those flags adorning the hallowed grounds was an emotional sight.

Tuesday, May 31st, by national cemetery regulation, the flags need to be removed.  Once again the PGR is being requested to assist the organizers and cemetery staff to safely remove all the flags at the cemetery.

Please begin to stage at the cemetery by 9:30am for the pick-up of flags that will begin at 10:00am.

Thanks again everyone for making this Memorial Day weekend one to remember.

Bill Schaaf
PGR - Asst. State Captain
Region 5 - Senior Ride Captain.

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