- Updated 12/03/2010 -

Hi Everyone,

The Veteran Recovery Program is laying to rest , a WW I  Veteran , US ARMY
Elmer W. Vogt .
DOB  11-04-1892.......Died  1983.

This will be at the Bath National Cemetery  at 1245 hrs  , Bath,NY .

Travel time from Syracuse is 2 hours and 15 min .

I'll be picking up PGR members in Syracuse at Thruway Exit 34A(Rt 481)  and
stopping at B'ville  Exit 39 .
You can leave you cars there and car pool to share expenses .

We'll be going to Geneva--PennYan--Bath .

Bring your warm clothes and gloves .

Leaving Exit 34 A  (at  0955 hrs)
and  leaving Exit 39  (at 1015 hrs)  .

- Begin original mission posting -

We have a very special mission this Friday to honor a Soldier who served
during WW1. This Soldier died in 1983 and has remained *forgotten* and
unclaimed ( cremated remains), for the last 27yrs.

Our PGRNY Veteran Recovery Program (VRP), will continue to locate, identify
and assist in these burials.

Please join us Friday in Bath at 12:45 pm, as we take part and witness this
Soldier given a dignified and honorable final resting place, that he was
promised decades ago.

Please bring your flags and arrive by 12:45pm to stand for this short and
honorable service. Afterward there is light lunch for us at the Wyoming
Veterans Club if you choose to go.

If you would like to serve as a Temporary Ride Captain to arrange this flag
line, pls let me know, we need at least 1.

Thank you very much for serving those who have served and sacrificed for us

*Elmer W. Vogt - World War I - US Army
*DOB 11/4/1892
*Bath National Cemetery at 12:45pm on Friday, Dec 3rd*

Lunch following at Wyoming County Veterans Club at 245 W. Buffalo St., right
at the bottom of the hill coming into Warsaw from Buffalo.

Dave Kern
NY State Captain

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