PGR Members

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have been invited by the family of Marine Lance Corporal Timothy LaGasse, to welcome him home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

He will be arriving home on Saturday 6-04-2011 (short notice), at the the Greater Rochester International Airport.

We will stand a flag line in the terminal and depending on Family desire and weather, a short motorcycle escort home. Escort to be determined at Airport.

Please keep an eye on this website for any last minute updates. We do not expect any problems with his flight, but please be prepared for last minute changes. Please arrive by 7:15 PM just in case they come in early, it does sometimes happen.

Currently, plan to park in the short term lot, I will check with security tomorrow to see if they will allow us to stage in a more convenient location.

Any questions please e mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you all for what you do!

Nigel Heaton
Ride Captain
PGR NY Region 2

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