****** Updated 6/17/11 at 9:00 p.m. *****


Below are the staging areas so far for Sgt Devin Snyder's Memorial Service
in Wayland, NY on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

Check updates listed after these staging notices for the information regarding calling hours on Thursday and Friday and the funeral on Saturday.

Please check back often for any updates. Thank you Tim Yetter and all the Ride Captains for all that you do!


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Traveling from the southerntier:

I will be having breakfast at about 5:30 AM at McDonalds on Harry L Drive, Johnson City, NY. (please be sure to have a good breakfast as it will be a long time untill you
have a chance to eat again)

6:30AM - Kick Stands UP

7:15AM - Pick up Bob Carroll on RT17 Elmira

About 8:00AM rest stop at Bath (gas-ETC)

8:30AM - 8:45AM  Arrive at Wayland

See You Tomorrow,

Bill Camay
Ride Captain
PGR NY Region 2


Those traveling from the Rochester area:
Staging at Sunoco Station, LeHigh Station Rd and Kenneth Dr (Exit 12
off Rt 390) at 7:30 AM
Kick Stands up at 7:55 am Sharp
I will be leaving Irondequoit at 7:00 am sharp, from the Tim Hortons
at Ridge Rd and Goodman St if anyone would like to ride to the staging
area with me.
We are invited quests of the family, PLEASE bring only RESPECT and
your Flag, leave any and all negative emotions at home.

Nigel Heaton,
Ride Captain
PGR NY Region 2

Anyone who is coming from the east and north:
We will be staging at Williamson Express Mart, corner of Rt 104 and Rt
21 at 7am.
Stands up sharp 7:15 am.
We will be taking Rt.21 to Wayland if anyone is interested in hooking
up along the way. You can call or leave a message at 585-260-0622.
Thanks for all you do.

Dale Hillegeer
Ride Captain
PGR NY Region 2

Staging for those coming from the Finger Lakes region:
I will be at the corner of Rts 14A and 54 in Penn Yan at 8:00am to
leave by 8:15am.
If you want to hook up to ride to calling hours either day, I will be
leaving Penn Yan at 11:45 am both days. I would like a phone call if
you are planning to meet me any of the three days.

Tim Yetter
Ride Captain
PGR NY Region 2
American Legion Riders Post 355 PYNY 14527


******Update 6/15/11 at 5:30 a.m.******

We have final staging and service info for Sgt. Devin Snyder in the Wayland-Cohocton area.


Calling hours are from 1pm-7pm(June 16th&17th) both Thursday and Friday this week.

Staging will be at the funeral home
300 West Naples St, Rt. 63
Wayland, NY 14572.
Parking for the calling hours will be around the corner from Naples St. on 3rd St. You will see my silver Road King Classic parked where you need to park.

Stand for an hour, or more, but please come to stand at calling hours for one day or both.


The funeral will be at 10am in Cohocton at the athletic field on Saturday, June 18th. We have been asked to join the family at the grave site for a full military funeral.

Staging for a five mile ride into Cohocton will be at 9:15
2350 Rt. 63, Wayland, NY.

We will leave Wayland at 9:30 sharp and travel to the cemetary in Cohocton. The cemetary is in a type of amplitheater location on a dead end street. We have been asked to stand at the top of the landscape with flags in hand to provide a majestic scene of Amercan flags overlooking the final service for Sgt. Devin Snyder. It will be a breathtaking scene for sure. I emplore you to come and help this family out in this time of need.

At this time I would like to thank all those that attended the escort from Rochester to Wayland on Monday. It was the most impressive mission escort for a weekday that I have seen. I salute and thank each and everyone of you for the hours that we put into that escort.



***** Update 6/12/11 *****

Moderator's Note:  Complete escort route details are shown at the bottom of this mission posting.

I have finally acquired information that Sgt. Devin Snyder, 20, from the Wayland-Cohocton area, will be flown into the Rochester Airport this Monday, June 13th, at 10:50 am.

Staging will be at 10:00 at the A-Plus Service Station located at 1133 Scottsville Rd. The information that I received indicated that she will be brought into the military area of the airport, which may be located at the Patriot Way address. I will know by the time of staging as to where we will meet her arrival.

The escort will take approximately 2 hours down 390 through several villages and towns and will end in Wayland at the Baird Funeral Home at 300 W. Naples St. Calling hours and a burial date have not been finalized at this time. The director indicated that Thursday and Friday may be the calling hours, and Saturday may be the funeral. This info will be finalized early this week.

There are two Pre-Staging locations if you are east or south of Rochester and want to ride to Scottsville Road together:

1- From points east:  Express Mart, corner of Rt 21 and Rt 104 in Williamson at 9am with stands up at 9:15am SHARP! - Mark Plyter

2 - From the Finger Lakes Region or anywhere south of Rochester:  Penn Yan, NY, Corner of Rts 54(Brown St.) and 14A(Liberty St) at 8:15
Monday morning(June 13th) Kickstands up @ 8:30 sharp. IF you would like to hook up along the way ....call me @ 315-730-1244. Thanks  -
Tim Yetter

I encourage any and all that can make the escort this Monday meet me at the staging point, as the family has mentioned their desire for us to be Sgt. Snyder's guard on her final trip home.

Tim Yetter
R/C Region 2 PGRNY
American Legion Riders

***** Update 6/9/11 *****

Dear PGR Membership for Region 1, 2, and 3:
I attended a meeting for the services of SPC. Devin Snyder, 20, who was killed last weekend in Afghanistan. She was from the Wayland-Cohocton area and is presently in Dover, Delaware. Her unit was based out of Alaska, so, at this point, we are waiting for her group to fly to Dover to escort her to Rochester. This may take a couple days, or several. I am asking anyone that can make the services please try as hard as one can do to do so. I will be in contact with the people in charge of this funeral from Cohocton and will make every effort to pass the info on to the PGR of NY as soon as I get it. Thank you all for all that you do!!
Tim Yetter
Region 2 R/C PGRNY


***Update 6/7/11***

We have confirmation that the PGR is invited to honor Spc. Snyder and her family. No details are available at this time as soon as we have more information it will be sent out. Thanks for all you do.

Mark Plyter
Region 2 SRC


****Original Posting****

PGR Members,

Devin Snyder, 20, a specialist in the US Army Military Police, was killed in Afghanistan last Saturday. Snyder is a 2008 graduate of Wayland-Cohocton.

Her father, Edward Snyder, is a US Navy Veteran and two of her siblings are currently serving in the Navy and Army.

We DO NOT have confirmation that the PGR is invited to honor Spc. Snyder and her family at this time. This email is only a heads up, in case we are invited and the mission becomes short notice.

Information will be sent out as soon as we have it. Thank you for all you do.

Mark Plyter
Region 2 SRC

***** Escort Route Details *****

Public Information:  Authorized by family of Sgt. Snyder
and Distributed by Walter E. Baird & Sons Funeral Home

Sgt. Snyder is scheduled to arrive at Rochester Airport at 10:53 am, Monday, 06/13/2011

The procession will be taking Interstate 390 South to Exit 11 (Rush),
Turn Left on State Route 15,
Turn Left on State Route 251 East,
Turn Right on State Route 15A in Rush, continue on State Route 15A South Through Rush, Lima, Hemlock and Springwater to Wayland (SteubenCounty Line),

Turn Right on County Line Road West, continue to Buffalo Street,
Turn Left on Buffalo Street, continue to State Route 63,
Turn Left on State Route 63 (West Naples Street), continue to State Route 21,
Travel straight through red light on State Route 21 North, to North Cohocton/Atlanta,
Turn Right on State Route 371 to Cohocton,
Continue straight through red light on State Route 415,
Turn Right on Mill Street,
Turn Right on Erie Street
Turn Left on State Route 415 (North Dansville Street),
Continue on State Route 415 to Wayland,
Turn Right on State Route 21 and 15 North,
Continue on State Route 21 and 15 North to State Route 63,
Turn Left on State Route 63 (East Naples Street),
Turn Right at 300 West Naples Street (Walter E. Baird & Sons Funeral Home)

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