PGR Members,

We have been invited to participate in the Armed Forces Celebration in Palmyra this weekend. This event is sponsored by the Palmyra American Legion.

The parade is on Saturday, with line up starting at 3:00pm, stepping off at 4:00pm. Line up will be at the Akropolis Restaurant, on Canal St., off Rt. 31. We will be heading West, and ending at the Fairgrounds. This parade will be a combination of ALR, PGR, and Moose Riders, a large turn out is expected. We will meet at the Express Mart, corner of Rt 104 and Rt 21 in Williamson at 2:15pm with stands up at 2:30pm> Travel will be directly down Rt 21 to Palmyra and meet up with everyone else at the Akroplis Restaurant. You can also meet directly at the restaurant if you want.

Sunday has a full day with Aviella singing the Anthem and God Bless America, sometime between 12:00 noon and 1:00pm. Food and displays, all afternoon. Between 3:00pm and 5:00pm there will be events at the Grandstand, we have been asked to take part by forming a motorcycle / flag line around the track while the Equestrian Drill Team performs.It's a lot to ask, but if you can take part in the parade and, or, the motorcycle / flag line, I'm sure it will be appreciated. Below is the schedule for both days.

Mark Plyter
Region 2 R/C

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