- Updated 03/23/2011 -

I could not get this our any faster......................

This Mission date/arrival time, location was just confirmed by 1stSgt Rammses J.
tonight 3/22/11, at 2020hrs.

1st Sgt. Alpizar is presently at Camp Pendleton, Calif., and apologized for the
late info!


HOME COMING, USMC 3/25, India Co. - Home Coming
Buffalo NY

Prior Aviation- 1530hrs....(3:30pm)
RC- Joe Shiah

Prior Aviation
Prior Aviation Service, Inc.
Buffalo-Niagara Int'l Airport
50 North Airport Drive
Buffalo, NY 14225-1493

The family members will not be at Prior Aviation, let's bring these Marines-
home in style!
The families will greet their Marines at:
3 Porter Avenue
Buffalo, NY
Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center.

Subject: Marines Returning From Afghanistan Support Request.

Gentlemen, We will like to request support to escort the 115 Marines from
Buffalo that are returning home from Afghanistan on Wednesday 23 March 2011 @
1615 Buffalo airport. I ask that you to keep this information to yourselves and
not release it to the media or anyone else.

The event will start at 50 North Airport Drive behind the airport, not the main
terminal. The Marines will then be escorted by you and the Buffalo Police
Department to 3 Porter Avenue at the Navy & Marine Corps Reserve Center.

Thank you for your time and dedication to the support of our troops.


1stSgt Rammses J. Alpizar
Inspector-Instructor First Sergeant
Co I, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines
3 Porter Avenue

God Bless the 3/25th, and the PGR....................

Mark B. Steffan
Region #1, NYS
Allegany, NY 14706

- Updated 03/23/2011 -

I have no way of verifying the below?
I have calls and emails out,  waiting for confirmation from the
Since the below information came (to me at 1730hrs today) from a PGR member.
Wayne is a friend of parents of a 3/25 India Co. Marine - I have to believe this
Mission is Tomorrow...........

Wednesday 3/23/11, 4:15pm, Buffalo Int. airport!

The limo parking lot (used by us routinely for parking) has not been
confirmed.....no time to do so!!
There will be no escort since the weather report is "no go"...and
Since this is less then 24 hours away 
I am posting the best info I have........ see below;


We have a family friend whose son is in India Company, and she told us that
they received an e-mail saying that the notice is incorrect.The Marines are
scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4:15 P.M. at the airport. We need
some confirmation quick as the families were promised that the Patriot Guard
would be present.

Wayne Siminski


I am out of town and will not be able to make this Mission
Mark B. Steffan
Region #1, NYS
Allegany, NY 14706

- Begin Original Mission Posting -

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to:
WELCOME HOME 3/25, I Co.- U.S.M.C., Buffalo NY
I just received permission to post  -  today 3/22/11 @ 0500hrs
I will try to gain all the details from our friend,   1stSgt Rammses J. Alpizar
, and update this posting ASAP!
Stay tuned!

March 18, 2011
Dear Friends,
YOUR WARRIORS ARE COMING HOME!!!  It is my honor to announce that the warriors
of 3d Battalion 25th Marines will be returning to their respective Home Training
Center after a successful seven month deployment to Afghanistan in support of
Operation Enduring Freedom.
Headquarters Company will return to Brook Park, OH on 31 March 2011.  Company
I will return to Buffalo, NY on 25 March 2011.  Company K will return to North
Versailles, PA on 25 March 2011.  Company L will return to Columbus, OH on 31
March 2011.   Weapons Company will return to Akron, OH on 25 March and on 31
March 2011.  Dates & Times are subject to adjust slightly so contact your local
3d Battalion 25th Marines Home Training Center for updates.
While deployed on their seven month deployment the warriors of 3d Battalion 25th
Marines conducted combat operations in the volatile Regional Command Southwest
(RC-SW) of Afghanistan.  From the Upper Sangin Valley down to Marjeh your
warriors partnered with the Afghan National Security Forces and coalition
partners while conducting combat operations that paved the way for both a stable
region and country.  
So hoist your flags high, place those yellow ribbons back on the trees and come
on out and welcome home YOUR warriors.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Hubbard,
3d Battalion 25th

Mark B. Steffan
Region #1, NYS
Allegany, NY 14706

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