HOTH Mission
Flag Line for Transfer of VA Patients
All Military Branches

Batavia, NY - 03/30/2020
Mission applies to the following Region(s): Region 1, Region 2
About the Mission: The Patriot Guard Riders have been requested to help lift the spirits of a group of VA Hospital patients who are facing a difficult deployment.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Patients from Willow Lodge (Hospice floor at the Buffalo VA Hospital) will be transferred to Batavia VA Medical Center, 222 Richmond Ave., Batavia NY. These patients per the director are overwhelmed at what the move means.

The veterans being transferred will be Leaving Buffalo in separate vehicles at 7:30 am and every half hour thereafter until 10:30, including a big bus with multiple guys on board at 8:30.  Last arrival in Batavia should be around 11:15-ish.

To be clear - There is NO ESCORT involved in this mission.  PGR is simply providing a flag line around the Batavia VA parking lot as the veterans arrive.
Primary Staging Date: 03/30/2020
Primary Staging Time: 08:00
AM or PM: am
Staging Location: Batavia VA Center
222 Richmond Avenue
Batavia, NY 14020
Lead Ride Captain: Terry Garigen & Joe Joyce
Lead Ride Captain email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lead Ride Captain Phone #:  
Special Information: In this time of an overwhelming health crisis affecting everyone in multiple ways, our PGR will prove that we can provide some moral support in a SAFE manner as these military Heroes go through this difficult time.

Please arrive in the parking lot, equipped with a clean 3x5 American or military branch flag, and dress for the weather. Please follow the directions of the Ride Captains. Please plan ahead for bathroom needs, as there will be no access to the Medical Center.


* Stay a minimum of 10 feet apart from each other AT All TIMES....the exception of course are close family members.

* NO handshaking, fistbumping, hugs, cheek kissing or any other contact.

* Follow all Covid-19 safe practices.

* In between arrival of the Veterans, please stay separated or in your own vehicle.

* If you are not feeling well in any way, PLEASE DO NOT attend this Mission.

Again, this is an opportunity for the PGR to prove we can lend support to our Military Heroes in a SAFE MANNER. If this attempt proves unsuccessful for lack of cooperation, there will not be another attempt.
Submitted by: Don Higgins, SRC, Region-1
Email of Submitter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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