HOTH Mission

Monthy HOTH Mission - Northport VAMC

Northport, New York - 16 June 2018


Saturday June 16, 2018 (2pm to 4pm) is our monthly PGR HOTH (Help on the Homefront) visit to the Northport VA at Building 92.  We will be celebrating some June birthdays with cake and BINGO. 

Please come join us. Your presence will put smiles on some really great people over there. They look forward to seeing everyone and hanging out with us!!

If you are bringing your children to the visit, and they need community service hours, please bring the school forms with you to be signed. Please let the RC in charge know if you're bringing young children and how many. Please meet at 1:45 p.m. inside the lobby of Building 92. The visit starts at 2:00 p.m. and ends approx imately 4:00 p.m. 

Any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Important Reminders:
Please do not feed or help feed any of the Veterans that are with us. There are some who are on strict choking precautions and cannot eat any solid food or drink liquids. Ask a nurse if you are unsure when serving burgers and drinks. These patients will have a colored beaded necklace on which we will go over at the beginning of the visits. 

Please check for contact precaution signs before entering a room to assist a Veteran. If you're unsure please ask a Nurse or RC in charge. 

Wear gloves if you're handling the food, and wash your hands.

Remember to sign the roster.

Please make sure a nurse is present while the Veterans are eating. 

Please do not take any pictures of the Veterans without prior permission. 

If you or a group are making goodie bags for the Veterans, please check them first for any type of food, socks and bar soaps and remove them from the bags. Any food could be a potential choking hazard for anyone there. All the Veterans are on controlled diets, so anything with sugar/high in carbs can make them sick . 

They are all on fall precautions so socks can only be the non slippery kind. 

Thank you very much to everyone who volunteers. 
Ride safe if your riding over!!

Primary Staging Time: 1:45 P.M.

VAMC East Northport
79 Middleville Road
Northport, New York - 11768

Ride Captain:

Mary-Ann Barcellona


Flags & Water:

Flags Will NOT Be Provided, Please Bring Your Own.
Large Bike Flags will NOT be needed.
Water will be provided.
Submitted by:
Mary-Ann Barcellona