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As we are approaching the holiday season, it's an excellent time to remember our fallen and their ultimate sacrafice; another way to remember them is to sponsor a wreath.  Sponsoring a wreath through Wreaths Across America is easy. 

The Patriot Guard Riders of Eastern New York have once again been granted Group Sponsorship status within the Wreaths Across America organization. So what does our Group Sponsorship status mean? Well for every two wreaths that are ordered - using our group codes – Wreaths Across America will donate another wreath - we get 3 for 2. 


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Our Group Fundraiser Code is:  NY0057
Our Location ID is:  NYGSNS


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July 7, 2008

Thanks from Funeral Home

re: Mission for Capt. Philip J. Dykeman--Service date was July 5, 2008

Please let Jerry Deon, Senior Ride Captain for the New York Chapter, know who much we, and our communities involved, appreciated the efforts of the Patriot Guard---not only on the day of transfer from Hancock Airport to the Funeral Home---but especially for their efforts during the calling hours and the services for Capt. Dykeman on Saturday, July 5, 2008.

I, also speak for the family involved because you took away the concerns that outside unwanted influences would try to interfere-----

And, just to let you know, not only were we thankful for your efforts,  the United State Marine Corps was doubly thankful because they could concentrate on the job before them.

I, certainly, applaud your efforts, on behalf of any soldier (KIA) and their families---

Ernest Ladd III, Mgr.
Watson Funeral Home, Inc.
Central Square, NY

July 5, 2008

Thanks from Ret Air Force MSgt

To All Who Ride for the Heroes,

I had the opportunity on the Fourth of July to attend a funeral for Spc. Kenneth Jacobs in Ontario, NY and the graveside services in Marion, NY. I am a retired Air Force veteran with 22+ years in the service. I have been on many Honor Guards, and attended many military funerals. I must say I have never attended one like the one I did on the Fourth. Your group is just awesome. The silence at the church while forming a corridor of flags for the hearse, and the escort to the cemetery was something to behold. The noise of the motorcade coming to the cemetery while still miles away was just spine chilling. The closing act of encircling the gravesite with American Flags was just breath taking.

It is a Fourth of July I will always remember. One that will stand out in my mind forever. There were some 60 bikes in the funeral from all over the state of New York. To think that all these riders would take time on a holiday from their families picnics and gatherings to render this honor was just special. Even though it was a very somber event it very well showed what the Fourth of July is for. Celebrating the life of a solider who gave his so that we may all be allowed to have the freedom we enjoy. AMERICA: "The Land of the Free, Because of the Brave"

John Schlafer
MSgt (Ret)
U.S.Air Force





June 28, 2008

To All Who Ride for the Heroes,

Dear Friends,

I received a package in the mail a few days ago that had many warm and encouraging notes in it.  It was a Patriot Guard Flag, that had the signatures and well-wishes of handfuls of fellow Patriot Guard Riders, and American Legion Riders.  Please let me say THANK-YOU.  For those of you who are Veterans, and recall the happiness that mail always brought, you can imagine how I felt when I opened the package and saw the signatures of many whom I have ridden with in the past and some whom I have not.  Since then, I have been trying to get as many people/places pictured with that signed PGR flag as possible.  Unfortunately, getting an entire shift together is somewhat of a challenge--and add to that, the fact that the US Air Force doesn't like anyone taking pictures of any of it's resources!  So I hope the attached photos will be alright...for now!  Please know that what you all are doing IS extremely important, extremely giving, and extremely appreciated by all service members and their families-- and especially by me and my fellow USAF Security Forces members serving here at Bxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxxxx Airport, Iraq!

Keep riding, and THANK YOU!
-SrA Johnson, USAF

Personal note from SrA Johnson to local Ride Captain. ***Hey Tim!  [redacted] I just thought you'd like it (the picture) b/c the PGR flag does sporadically fly over the Bxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxxxx Airport.  We had another detail here the other day, I and 5 other guys carried yet another flag draped casket onto a C-130.  But each time we have to do it, I know that you guys and other PGR members will be there to honor that fallen hero as they are taken off that aircraft in the US.  It's just challenging having seen both sides now.

Unfortunately, I have to get going--I should try to get a little rest before work starts again in 4 hours so, I apologize.  Just know this- my personal amount of patriotism, and love for our country has grown to an amount so vast since being here, that it is amazing.  I am thankful to be an American, which is something I think a lot of people take for granted; or feel they just deserve.  And as for the American Legion, and the Patriot Guard Riders-they will always be something I believe in for the rest of my life [redacted].  Please tell everyone to keep pushing forward-even when it becomes almost unbearable to do another funeral escort/ hear another 21 gun salute/ or see another mother, father, sister, brother cry.  Because what you are doing at home- MATTERS!

May 1, 2008

Hello, I am Jonathon Cotes cousin. I went to the wake last night and will be there tonight. Your presence was very appreciated. I wish I could have thanked the many men & women who were standing out there for Jon. We are unable to thank each and everyone one of you at this hard time so I wanted to senda  special thank you to you all. It means so much and will always be remembered. God Bless you all. Kathy

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